3 Week Therapeutic Reboot!



With Erin Sweeney Detwiler, MS, e-RYT



This program will run:

Monday through Friday – 11:45a.m. – 2:00p.m.

No classes on Saturday and Sunday

Looking for weeknights and weekends? You want 21 Day Yoga Body.  Click HERE for that program! 

$400 for Program/ $375 – Early Bird Special (before 12/15/15)

$300 for Auto – Renew/ $275 – Early Bird Special (before 12/15/15)






 15 Classes – January 1-21, 2016

This special program is designed to offer a therapeutic yoga option for folks interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and supporting a healthy lifestyle with improved nutrition. Each class is 2 hours and 15 minutes. 45 minutes of asana (postures) and the remaining time will be on discussion of yoga and healthy eating.  Participants volunteer to take turns bring lunch so that is included each day.

Books are included with your package! This year’s books are… *drum roll please*


Deepening your Understanding of Yoga!

Yoga: What is it?  How does it help? Why does it help? How and why is it different from exercise or religion? We are using the book Yoga Reminder by A.G. Mohan. This book makes the study of the 8 limbs of yoga easy to understand and fun to discuss and use!




Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle with Improved Nutrition

Sugar Detox: A sugar detox means that you do not eat processed foods and carbohydrates for a period of time so that your body can get a healthy balance of flora (microorganisms).  Often once the balance of your micro flora returns allergies, autoimmune conditions, and digestive irritations go completely away. The book we are using this year is The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott, NTP.  Similar to last years 21 Day Sugar Detox this book will guide us with easy to prepare and delicious meals.  We will discuss why this is important to our health and you will learn how to apply it in your life for optimal health!