An Evening of Music and Deep Meditation with David Young, Grammy nominated double flautist.

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THIS Workshop date has been changed from Saturday May 9, 2015  

to Thursday May 14  from 7-9

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About the Event:

Open the door to the most profound spiritual experience of your life.

Begin with a 30 minute of Yoga practice led by Erin Sweeney with flute music by David Young.

Then enjoy meditation while David plays his flutes accompanied by a heavenly soundtrack with a stretch break and discussion after meditation.

There will be a spiritual conversation after meditation about David’s latest experiences with George Harrison and John Lennon including mind blowing sacred geometry.

Many call his music ‘The Most Heavenly Music on Earth’. It has been said that more people have had out of body and spiritual experiences with his music than any other musician alive today due to the profound healing qualities and higher energy vibration in his unique technique of playing two renaissance flutes at one time. David Young  has sold over 1,000,000 CDs and has recorded 55 CDs.

Over 10,000 healers of all kinds; reiki practitioners, massage and physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, spas and hospitals use his music every day for its healing qualities.

Two of the people who were interviewed in the movie, The Secret, use David’s CD “Creation” as the meditation music in their workshops around the world. Marie Diamond, one of the speakers in that movie said she had “the most profound spiritual experience of my entire life” while David was performing.

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Bring a yoga mat so you can meditate lying down.