Sivananda Yoga with Christine

Sunday April 14 from 1-3:30

  Early Bird = $30  /  After April 10 =  $36  /  Auto Renew Members = $15

 Christine with Arun Pandala in New Delhi, India at the Sivananda Yoga Center

Click here Sivananda Center in India   to see a video of the Center in India!


I loved my visit to India back in September 2012! Before leaving I researched Yoga Centers in New Delhi and emailed Arun. He was so generous to invite me to his Center. He picked me up from the metro and even though he was not feeling well we met for tea and good conversation and then to his wonderful 2 hour class. He had been teaching an 8 week course to the students and I was coming for the very last class! It was relaxing, vigorous, challenging, calming and restorative, all at the same time!

Swami Sivananda (Yogi Sage born in 1887) summed up a prescription for life with 6 words:      Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realize.

By closely observing the lifestyle and needs of the people in the west he synthesized the ancient wisdom of Yoga into 5 basic principles:
1> Proper Relaxation
2> Proper Exercise
3> Proper Breathing
4> Proper Diet
5> Positive thinking and meditation

In this Workshop we will follow the sequence of asanas in the Sivananda Yoga Practice. This class is for everyone! All students will be familiar with ALL of the poses! The sequence is uniquely put together in a specific pattern from a series of breathing and warm-up exercises to specific asanas that help to maintain the proper curvature of the spine and keep all systems of the body healthy! Each series of asanas is followed by one that provides the opposite stretch. Likewise one asana that works primarily on one side is always repeated on the other.

**Please join me as we explore this wonderful series of asanas that will leave you feeling energized, calm and open.