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Advice is such a course, rough thing.  Almost no one actually wants it.  Most of the time what we really want is confirmation our ideas are already perfect. At the point I’m finally ready to take advice, I’m often so lost I’m desperate.  At those times, I don’t really want advice I want someone to hold my hand and guide me out of the forest. And at its very core, advice is judgment. It comes with the implication that somehow the advice giver knows better than us. One thing is for sure. There is no way that I know better than you, what — if anything at all — you need to work on in 2015.

At Liberty Yoga I strive to affirm each of you. I read from Journey to the Heart for this very reason. I refer to it as “The Magic Book” and in those readings I hope to guide you to listen to your inner voice, love yourself, heal, and find joy. For your New Year’s resolutions do the same: trust yourself, love yourself, heal yourself, and feel joy!

Erin and Christine Having Fun

Erin and Christine Having Fun

Erin and Christine having more fun doing yoga.

Erin and Christine having more fun.

The other day I was working on my resolutions when it dawned on me that one reason why they often fail so horribly is that we don’t make them nearly fun enough.  So this year I’m going to make one fun resolution for every sacrifice. So if I have to diet, then I’m going to take a bubble bath every night with a big glass of red wine and a book. But I’m going to suggest that even the hard one’s should be at least a little fun. Meditate on it! Perhaps your inner voice will tell you to make ALL your New Year’s resolutions fun.  Example: Drink one glass of red wine and one square of dark chocolate a day, watch 30 minutes of comedy central every night, and, this year, I’m getting a puppy!

I raise my champagne glass to you and offer you up a great big kiss!  Happy New Year and Namaste!

Erin Sweeney gives you a New Year's Kiss from Liberty Yoga.

Erin Sweeney gives you a New Year’s Kiss from Liberty Yoga.


What’s that you say?  You wanted more advice on writing New Year’s Resolutions?  Well, if you insist….

  1. Make them quantitative and specific.
  2. Make a plan:  Giving yourself a set of steps to follow to achieve your goals is a great idea.
  3. Pick things you really want.  NOT things someone else thinks are important.
  4. Make your list manageable – don’t pick too many!
  5. Share your list to help you stay accountable to it.
  6. Write them down and post them somewhere you will see them.
  7. Start before January 1st – remember, tomorrow never comes.
  8. And my new one – make them fun!  Don’t assume things that are good for you have to be hard. Often, if you enjoy something, it might just be good for you after all!




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