Animal Spirit Dance






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with Rebecca Tversky

Saturday March 5 1-3pm

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About Rebecca:

If you are feeling stuck, empty, lost or disconnected, Rebecca may be able to help you. From her first conscious memory, she has been working with Wa-Ma-Chi (Breath – Matter – Movement, a Tiwa phrase for God in action) to do maintenance work on the fabric of Being. She weaves in loose threads, reinvents frayed areas, and uses new colors and textures of energy strands to fill in gaps and bridge divides between healthy, active areas. With a little guidance and insight, we can all ease the flow of energy in our areas of life to make them useful and beautiful. Rebecca’s personal goal is to enable universal fulfillment in and among all our relations: two-leggeds, four-leggeds, spirit people, standing people (trees), plant people, stone people, creepy-crawlers (bugs, spiders, snakes, etc.), elementals, elements, swimming ones and all those in between and beyond description. She lives in service of the Highest Good for All in her simple, passionate, human way. Where possible, she amplifies love.

How we do things not only tells our personal stories, it provides the threads that make up the cloth of the outcomes we create. There is no way to create a strong, vibrant, balanced, useful and beautiful, integrated Life with weak, poor quality, separate actions.

In her work, Rebecca helps people, groups and companies align their daily and long-term actions to their unique values in service of their goals, through: project management, change management, brand strategy, marketing, life coaching, operations, process development & improvement, governance, energy alignment, prayer, dancing, counseling and ceremony. At key points during milestone transitions, she gives people and organizations the insight and support they need to navigate through confusion and discord to focused understanding and easy collaboration, helping to make necessary changes elegant, useful and long-lasting.

Roles & Practices:

  • Spirit Dancing since 1973 – indigenous ceremonial dancing for story-telling, prayer, vision, peace and healing (supplemented with ballet, African, modern, jazz, Latin, Sufi)
  • Meditation since 1973 – personal and group practice, study, private teaching (seated, moving, mindfulness, vision journeys, ceremony)
  • Yoga since 1995 – personal and group practice, seasonal transitions, study, ceremony
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong since 1999 – personal practice, study, exploration, private healing, limited teaching (basic level only)
  • Tokala (protector of the People) since 2004 – originally affiliated with the Medicine Shield Tokalas based out of the Rosebud Lakota Reservation, and now rogue (a spiritual commitment is with Spirit, not individuals).
  • PMP (certified project management professional) since 2009 – acting project manager since 1985, now certified member of the international Project Management Institute.
  • Birdsong Peace Chamber Member, Dancer & Dog Soldier since 2010 – active in this center for practicing ceremony in the manner of teacher Joseph Rael to support peace and healing worldwide. and
  • Graduate Apprentice of the Buffalo Trace Society since 2015 – society of individuals dedicated to maintaining universal connections to Nature and Spirit through the practice and teaching of earth-based spirituality and healing methods.

About Traditional Spirit Dance:

Honor your connection to Spirit with joyful movement and find answers to your most pressing questions. Within our bodies and all around us are signs, answers and memories of deep wisdom. Unlock your truth with the basics of traditional dance patterned from the movements of all our relations, particularly the animals and elements: eagle, bear, panther, butterfly, turtle, crow, buffalo. We will begin with purification, meditation and introductions, move through simple steps and open the door to improvisation in the moment with a short ceremonial dance together.

What to expect:

* smudging / purification with sacred herbs – any one or combination of the following: sage,   

         cedar, sweetgrass, eucalyptus, copal, rose, rosemary, peppermint, frankincense

* meditation – silent introspection, group chanting and song

* prayer ties – invest your intention for the seminar into a physical prayer

* demonstration – introduction to simple steps and tools for ceremonial dance: shawl, fan, whistle, drum, rattle

* yoga & tai chi warm up

* circular ceremonial dance – like yoga, this type of dance is best done barefoot

* a mix of emotions – joy, confusion, peace, fear, connection, struggle, love, inspiration

* change

What you can learn:

  • How breath and focused movement help us find the guidance we need to live more fully.
  • How to find inspiration in the world around us.
  • To surrender into the present moment.

What to bring:

  • yourself in comfortable clothes
  • a shawl or something which can be used as one: beach towel or any long and light piece of material (ideally as long as your arm span and as wide as your spine length from sacrum to skull
  • an open mind
  • Optional:
    • a hand-held fan of paper, wood, feathers, or other light material
    • notebook, pen /pencil/crayon

Unlock the basics of traditional dance patterned from the movements of the eagle, and other animal spirits to honor our connection to Nature and our relatives in the animal kingdom. Begin with purification and meditation, move through simple steps, and open the door to improvisation in the moment.