Breath as Medicine  with Therese Jornlin

February 20  1-4pm

Therese Jornlin

$65 – Everyone

The Breath:

The primary movement of your body and the most powerful force in your life is the quiet cycling of your breath, and yet few know much about this inner resource. Consciously learning how to breath in movement and stillness, in agitation and joy can lower heart rate, alleviate stress, support sleep, expand your capacity for life-force, create health and serve as a bridge to your spiritual nature! And it is FREE!

In this introductory workshop, you will learn: 1) Where your breath is open and/or constricted and how to bring it into rhythm 2) The Anatomy, Technology, Spirituality of breathing 3) Techniques to relieve anxiety, di-toxify the bodymind and increase balance and focus

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