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About Gwen:

Gwen began seriously practicing yoga as an adult, to complement marathon running and weight training.  After receiving a certification as a personal trainer in 1998 from ACE (American Council on Exercise), she took her first teacher training course for her Yoga certification in 2005 with Yogafit™, a vinyasa style of yoga, and began teaching yoga in a small studio in Redondo Beach, California.  She completed her 200 hour certification with Yogafit™ in December 2008 and completed 500 hours certification in 2013.

Yoga is Gwen’s passion.  She enjoys reading and sharing yoga history and philosophy.  For her, yoga is more than physical exercise but a spiritual journey.  She loves to share the spiritual dimension of the practice in her classes and invites students to participate in this deeper sense of what yoga truly is:  union, with one’s self, with every human being and with the Spirit that unites us all.

About the Workshop:

This Chakra workshop will be an exploration of our subtle body, how the energy centers in our non-physical body affect our lives.  We will begin our exploration with asana that enervate each energy center, then spend a little time discussing each chakra and how an imbalance in one or more manifests itself in our being.  We will do some chakra balancing using essential oil blends and conclude our time together with a  guided meditation on the chakras.

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