Chiropractic Yoga

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April 9  1-4pm

$65 – Everyone

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Yoga and Spinal Wellness Workshop:

  • Have you ever wondered if what you are already doing in yoga might be affecting your body?
  • Do you ever feel uncertain in the middle of a posture wondering if that’s “how it’s supposed to feel?”
  • Have you ever left a class and later felt back, neck, shoulder or knee pain?

We fall into habits in life and even in our yoga practice. We might be completely unaware that what we are doing is directly affecting our spine and may impact us later in life. Join John Mahoney, Doctor of Chiropractic Care and wife Meghan Mahoney, registered 200 hour yoga teacher for an exciting new workshop. Yoga and Spinal Wellness will move you through a 45 minute Vinyasa Yoga class covering familiar yoga poses. At the completion of the practice, the husband and wife duo will breakdown the postures and their alignment focusing on how you feel in the pose and what safety measures can be taken to ensure you are not harming yourself. Along with the integrity of the spine in each posture, we will look at the other parts of your anatomy that may be affected in the poses.

Due to the nature of this workshop a limited number of participants will be enrolled to receive more one on one  feedback.

About Meghan:

Meghan Mahoney has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and for the past 7 years has been a certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor. Meghan began her study of yoga in NY with Amrit Yoga. She was working for a fast paced helicopter charter company and needed a place to slow down and de-stress. One day a studio named Yoga Way opened up as she was en route home from work. She walked into class and was hooked on yoga that first day.

I love all that yoga encompasses. Each time I come to the mat it is a chance for true self study. The invigorating physical practice allows my body simply feel amazing. The peace I feel in my mind at the end of the practice is the true reason I show up again and again.

After moving to Delaware she sought the type of yoga that suited her. She quickly felt drawn to Vinyasa Flow. While expecting her first child in 2005 she began studying Pre-natal yoga. After the birth of her daughter in 2006 she began practicing Mommy and me classes. She also teaches Power Flow and Gentle Yoga in corporate settings to encourage employees to take a healthy lunch break. Meghan has been teaching at Serenity since 2008.

About John:

I was drawn to chiropractic care because I wanted to help prevent health issues, rather than react to existing problems.

My main focus is to understand how day-to-day stresses have begun to affect your spine, your nervous system and your health. Nerves connect the brain to the body through the spinal-core. The spine is a common place for stress to affect the muscles and joints, eventually leading to back and neck problems. Stress may also settle deeper within the nerves themselves, causing further problems. I strive to release tension from the spinal nerves, enabling the entire spine and nervous system to function better—and you to feel better.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters, traveling and meeting new people—especially new patients! When you visit First State Health & Wellness, you’ll become part of an extended family that truly believes laughter is the best medicine!