Diane and Steve Freebery

       We joined Liberty Yoga – first time yogis – in the Spring of 2013, after Steve had a second disk problem, after having surgery in 2011 for a “popped fragment”.  He had been to the surgeon for a familiar pain in his leg, same one he had prior to his surgery in 2011.   He had steroids shots in his back, went for PT, and things were improving, and it looked like he was going to avoid a 2nd surgery — until he did some strenuous moving of some landscaping stones, and he was right back where he started before the shots and PT.   Back to the surgeon, who thought the problem would not be fixed without surgery, but it was up to Steve.  Diane suggested he ask his Physical Therapist if yoga would help, since the PT did help his back until he re injured it.  She thought that was a great idea.  Diane had read an article in the newspaper a few years before – an incredible story about an 80-something-year-old woman who was teaching yoga, but who 20 years before had severe back problems and was quite debilitated.
      In addition to Steve’s need, Diane, for the first time in her life, had not been participating in any regular exercise routine (that retirement adjustment!!!! — maybe feeling too free to do nothing!!).   She was looking for something to get her back on track and in better shape.  We saw a Groupon for trial yoga classes at Liberty, and SIGNED UP!    We haven’t regretted it for a second!    Although Steve still has back issues, we both feel yoga has kept him out of the operating room, and Diane is stronger than she has been for years!!!   We look forward to going to class, and there is such camaraderie amongst the regulars at our 10 am classes, we have a great time together!   What could be better!
       We particularly love Liberty Yoga, and feel it is the place for us because of Erin.   Steve has 5 known back issues, according to his MRI report, and we feel so safe with Erin because of her extensive knowledge of the body, having taught anatomy at Del Tech.   And we love our other regular teacher, Laurie, for her calming influence on our hectic lives, and her emphasis on breathing techniques.  We actually have enjoyed all the teachers we have had at Liberty — they all bring something different to us.  Liberty has something for everyone – regardless of age or ability!!!!!   Our goal is to stay strong enough and fit enough that we can age gracefully and stay active well into our 90’s!!!!!   THANKS Liberty Yoga!!