Erin Sweeney Modern Yogini Begins

I have this notion that I should blog about my yoga journey.  I’ve been on it now for about five years.  As with many things it began before I knew it had started.  This blog will be about the modern yogi making sense of modern life.  In yoga there are lots of guidelines – kindness, cleanliness and daily meditation seem pretty easy but what about these other ideas…  No meat?  No alcohol?  No sex?  Eh?  What was that last one?

So here I am, just a regular girl in today’s age, using yoga to get through my divorce and turn my life around from stay home mom with a very limited life outside the home to employed in a way that really makes me proud!  How have I survived the stress of losing my husband and provider and taking care of my little children as a single mom?  Somehow most divorcees manage.  Yoga helped me through it, through my divorce, maybe it can help you too.

There’s more though.  This mess my life became grew out of a really amazing event that happened inside me.  I will explain this energetic event – kundalini awakening (I believe) here in my blog.  I often don’t talk about it with people.  I will but usually they completely misunderstand.  And that’s easy to have happen.  It is like trying to explain song to a deaf person.  But as I’ve studied it, I’ve learned that it isn’t as unusual as many people think.  Even in our short lifetimes, people often have spiritual experiences. The kind of experience is highly variable and even more variable is how we react to it.  The more I study it the more I see that I am not the only person who has experienced this and I hope that others who have will find my blog and get advice on what to do to get themselves through their own weird energetic event – should one happen to them.

So now it begins.

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