Intro to Essential Oils with Gwen Gerety – Hays



Saturday April 11 2-4pm

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About Gwen:

Yoga is Gwen’s passion.  She enjoys reading and sharing yoga history and philosophy.  For her, yoga is more than physical exercise but a spiritual journey.  She loves to share the spiritual dimension of the practice in her classes and invites students to participate in this deeper sense of what yoga truly is:  union, with one’s self, with every human being and with the Spirit that unites us all.

About Essential Oils:

Learn about the therapeutic use of essential oils for physical and emotional well being.

Excerpt from the internet:

“Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally,” said Brianna Scarpelli.  You can apply them directly onto your skin, inhaling, or use through a diffuser.”

Technically, essential oils aren’t oils at all, as they lack fatty acids. Rather, they’re highly concentrated plant components. It can take a huge amount of a plant to get out even a small portion of essential oil — 4,000 pounds of Bulgarian roses are needed to get just one pound of oil, for example.