Your Feet Face Forward by Colin Wolpert

Colin is coming to Liberty Yoga October 14, 2016

Friday October 14,  7-9pm / Saturday & Sunday October 15 & 16,  1-5pm

Friday $35 (Multi-level Vinyasa Practice followed by open discussion & Book Introduction)

            Saturday & Sunday $200   /  Friday, Saturday & Sunday- Full Immersion $225

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The Immersion Taught by the author of  Your Feet Face Forward, shares an incredible story that inspires all who attend. The event is enlightening and filled with wisdom, philosophy and triumph. Participants are inspired to focus on their NOW-LIFE; not their yesterday-life or tomorrow-life; simply this life: right here, right now. During the day Colin shares his story, leaning discussion and inviting participation. There are meditation interludes, journaling and opportunities to be curious about everything!


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About Colin:

Colin discovered the joy of yoga after realizing there was more to life than chasing his tail. Having founded a high tech computer company and working day and night to build that corporation, he realized that another car, another holiday and another grey hair was not serving anyone. Prior to his IT pursuits, Colin had spent 5 years working in rural African hospitals. It was there that he was most happy; being of service and giving.

A few years into his yoga path, Colin was diagnosed with a large spinal nerve tumor that no doubt was the result of years of self-imposed stress. He had almost no feeling in his legs and was in severe and constant pain. Colin was faced with devastating prospects based on many doctor’s predictions of autonomic function loss, with or without surgery.

Colin knew there had to be another way.

He (literally) crawled back onto his yoga mat and began a series of kriya, meditation and asana. It took many months, but eventually the MRI scans showed the tumor shrinking until finally it was gone. Colin’s life was forever altered, and he felt compelled to follow the path to teaching yoga. He has since shared his wisdom and inspiration with thousands of students, sparking change and offering illuminating guidance in every class.

Colin brings unique shrada (faith) and radiant energy to his classes. He teaches that everything is as it should be—and by breathing freely, without resistance, we can trust the process of life and live fully, with our feet facing forward.


500hr  E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. Certified as a Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Prenatal teacher

Book Synopsis:
Your Feet Face Forward by Colin Wolpert (RELEASED: September 2015) is an incredible story of healing that will inspire your readers. It is a wonderful, enlightening book containing wisdom, philosophy and triumph. Your Feet Face Forward narrates Colin’s holistic journey back from a debilitating spinal nerve tumor to abundant health and happiness. Using the tools of yoga, meditation, visualization, and a change in philosophical perspective, he was able to heal while completely sidestepping traditional medicine. Your Feet Face Forward inspires the reader to focus on their NOW-LIFE!
Book feet face forward

The Course:
Author Bio
Colin Wolpert shares his unique healing wisdom through yoga, seminars, and workshops. His radiant energy and illuminating guidance spark change and transformation. With his unwavering faith in the process of life, he reminds us to trust that everything is as it should be. He believes that yesterday’s story can be tomorrow’s miracle.

Buy the book at the studio for $12 to read and get excited about this life changing course. The course will run over a weekend and offers CEC’s