Haley Wilks

     Before I found Yoga I was practicing Reiki level 2 and also a member of cross fit. In cross fit I would train my mind to ignore my bodies condition throughout the workout and would make it my goal to push through my limits. After 6 months of it I ended up injuring my knee to the point where I couldn’t walk, so I took that as a sign from the universe that it was time to make some healthy choices. During my time at Cross Fit, Aleks would teach a morning Yoga class there that my dad and I would attend. We loved it and I decided that would be the new direction I would go.
     Yoga has become such a beautiful part of my life now and has taught me so, so much about how to create a loving relationship with my mind and body. Instead of making it my goal to push through my limits, I’ve learned to respectfully listen to my body and honor what it says. Yoga has taught me when discomfort arises on the mat or in real life the worst thing you can do is fight it. It has taught me the best thing you can do is just breathe, accept it, and know that this too shall pass.
     Through Yoga and reiki I have learned so much about the flow in life and have become so passionate about them. At the moment I am planning on becoming certified in Yoga, becoming a reiki master in February, and then take on massage therapy. My experience at Liberty Yoga has been so amazing. Liberty has such a warm and loving community with some truly beautiful souls and has instructors that are like mentors to me. The staff at Liberty has created such a great environment where you feel at peace the second you walk through the door. I am so grateful to be given Yogi of the Month and it has been such an honor being your student.
With sososo much love and light,
Namaste. Haley