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Christine Shaw, ERYT200hr

Christine teaches FLY! Vinyasa®, Therapeutic Yoga, & Y4ES

Hi! I’m Christine Shaw! I teach FLY! Vinyasa ®         IMG_1868

I have been practicing Yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. I began my love of fitness in the 80′s when I was an aerobics, step and strength training instructor. In 1995 I became  a certified Personal trainer and owned “Lifestyle Fitness” personal training and trained with clients at their homes.

I began my certifications for Yoga with YogaFit in 2004 and received my 200-hour RYT certification in 2009. I studied with and became certified by Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa; a series of flowing asanas that help you to move from your deep core line to make all poses more possible so you can burn more calories, gain strength, flexibility and self-awareness. I am a E-RYT and have taught over 3000 hours of  Yoga at a variety of studios, workouts at businesses and schools, at the YMCA, for  kids and even for the swim team. I enjoy teaching and learning from every student and designing dynamic flow classes to suit the needs of each individual on that day! I am Founder and creator of  FLY! Vinyasa® a Vinyasa flow class that develops deep core line strength using Functional Movement and Alignment principles. It’s the best way to add strength and balance in your life on and off of the mat. It helps you to move your body in the correct way adding flow and freedom to all of your movements!

Learning the proper alignment principles is the key to a healthy body. We hold all of our lives in our bodies from stress to any accidents or injuries or just overuse of the joints and muscles that we need to learn the best way to take care of ourselves. I found that Yoga is the best way to do that! My FLY! Vinyasa® Classes will help you progress in your practice from beginner to fully confident yoga practitioner! I also began TRX Yoga classes at Liberty Yoga to help with awareness of body movements and Range of Motion and strengthening of the core muscles using Active Plank as the Foundation of all movements. Adding TRX Yoga to your regular Yoga practice will enhance your overall body awareness, proprioceptor (balance) awareness and safe Range of Motion in your joints

Each class begins with a message based on the 8 limbs by setting an intention on a personal development theme as well as a physical theme and then moving through a fun, dynamic, balanced class for all levels!

Enjoy a community of  Yogis and friends in this lovely space as we engage in our journey together on and off the mat!


Contact Christine: 302-367-5074 or [email protected]

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Erin Sweeney Detwiler, M.S., ERYT200hr

Erin teaches Therapeutic Yoga

Hello!  I’m Erin! I teach Therapeutic Yoga.

Thank you for coming to find out more about yoga classes at Liberty Yoga, about our teachers and about me.  Five years ago it was only Christine and I teaching at Liberty Yoga.  Now we’ve grown to have over 10 wonderful instructors teaching at our studio.

I’ve been teaching since 2008 and I have over 3000 hours teaching experience.  This makes me an e-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher).  This means I’ve seen a lot and I can help you make modifications when needed.  Odds are if you are experiencing something that limits your motion, I’ve seen it before.  All yoga done with an understanding of functional movement is therapeutic.  The focus of the alignment classes at Liberty Yoga is to correct non-functional movement and non-ideal posture through improved awareness and fitness.   Knowledge learned in these classes will be very helpful in your vinyasa practice and in your life!

Why do I teach?  Because I really believe yoga makes a difference in people’s lives.  It helps them feel stronger, healthier, and happier!  I figure that’s about as good as it gets in anything.

What’s special about me as a teacher?  First of all, I love teaching senior citizens and any people who need modifications.  This is why I gravitate to therapeutics.   I really am good at helping you learn to move through positions if you are tight or recovering from injury.  I started out yoga relatively inflexible.  I can help you make gains and modify things as needed and I know anatomy.  I also love to have fun!  I like to play around, joke, tell stories.  Sometimes we sing, sometimes we count in Erin Sweeneyfrench, sometimes we do silly moves or laughter yoga.  Also, I love to try new poses with a class.  No two of my classes are ever the same.  And, finally, I demonstrate with my body.  Visual learners really love this.

I certified in New Jersey at Simply Yoga.  I also trained with Bobbi Golden in Miami – she was trained by Mr. B. K. S. Iyengar himself.  These two training centers specialize in therapeutic adjustments using methods of teaching how to modify poses when needed! Since this original post I have also trained extensively with local teacher trainer Susan Smith through One Yoga and with Lara Heimann, a physical therapist from Princeton, New Jersey whose business is called Yoga Stream.

For three years I taught anatomy and physiology at Delaware Tech.  Teaching anatomy means I know where your muscles are and what they do.    This is helpful in finding trouble spots and addressing them with specific poses.  Most human beings have similar trouble spots.  In terms of aches, it is low back and neck.  In terms of joints, it’s the knees, hips and shoulders.  Your body is designed to heal itself but habits and posture can impact healing.  If you correct your habits and strengthen postural muscles your body will heal and this will seem like magic!  Hereditary issues are often a factor. Yoga can support you in facing these and I will support you in keeping your smile on while we strengthen your body and relax your mind!

Recently I’ve been trained as a MELT Method instructor.  I’m both Hand and Foot trained and Level 1 trained.  This method was developed by Sue Hitzmann in New York, City and it is used to relieve pain and promote healing.  Connective tissue is a tissue in your body that is not well understood medically.  This new blosoming field in medicine can be used to treat recurring pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sleep issues, posture, and many other issues.  It is a subtle self treatment process and takes only a few minutes each day.  Like brushing your teeth, you need to keep your connective tissue as healthy as you can.  Try the MELT Method classes out to learn more about this!

Functional Movement Training is another new program we have at Liberty Yoga.  Soon we will be offering a 500 hr teacher training in this technique.  In the mean time, take advantage of our Sunday morning classes – these offer CEC’s to yoga teachers  and are helpful for non-yoga teachers as well.  Learn how to move functionally!

Contact Erin:  302-300-0977 or [email protected]

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Stephanie Bonadio, 200hr RYT

Stephanie Substitutes Women;s Pelvic Health and Vinyasa

About Stephanie:

Stephanie first began yoga in 2011, after the birth of her first child, Charlie. Yoga gave her a healthy way to heal and process the traumatic birth she endured, and allowed her to regain the positive outlook for life that she had missed so much. Because of this transformation, Stephanie knew she wanted to help empower others to heal themselves through breath and movement. Stephanie completed her 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Liberty Yoga in May 2017.

When Stephanie isn’t practicing yoga, she is likely to be found outside with her husband, Chuck, and her two kids, Charlie and Sienna. She enjoys time with them at the beach, pool, creek or garden. She also loves reading, creating woven wall art and going to see her favorite bands and musicians play live.

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Tim Bonis

About Tim Bonis (Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor):

I attended my first T’ai Chi Chih (TCC) class in 2015 during a mental and emotional growth period. I experienced that this moving meditation allowed me to more effectively manage life stressors while decreasing my anxiety. Although my practice did not become consistent initially the results of TCC practice became undeniable and motivated me to engage in a committed daily practice. Through moving and circulating the Chi (energy force within your body) I became inspired to share the joy through movement with others. Through teaching I have discovered a deeper practice and connection with myself and others.

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Andrea Boulden, RYT 200hr

Andrea teaches Health and Healing

andrea boulden

About Andrea:

I started exploring yoga in my 20’s in an attempt to ‘find myself.’  I tried several different styles of yoga and as many different teachers as I could.  I found that each one offered a unique experience, but it was Vinyasa flow that spoke to me and I began to seek out teachers of that style.

Vinyasa flow is designed to build strength and flexibility.  On my mat I felt challenged and often humbled; off my mat I began to feel stronger and more confident – a lovely balance of strength and ease. 

In an effort to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program guided by Yogi Susan Smith, founder of One-Yoga.  I am also reiki certified. Through the YTT program I gained so much more than teaching skills- I learned how to live consciously in the present moment- which I strive to do daily, through asana practice, meditation and breath awareness.

In my classes, I encourage my students to greet their mat each day with an attitude of self-acceptance and gratitude.  For it is in honoring our bodies that we can begin to see and embrace the unique gifts that this life has given us.

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Sara Cardile, 200hr RYT

Sara teaches Morning Vinyasa Yoga


About Sara: