Jessica Hart


I first started doing yoga when I took it to fill in a credit in college.  I found that I really enjoyed doing it and that it was very relaxing and stress relieving.  Between starting grad school and then moving when I started my job I fell in and out of practice for a couple years.  After a couple years out of practice I realized how much better I felt when I was practicing regularly.  After gaining quite a bit of weight I realized it was time for a change physically and mentally so I started practicing yoga again.

Practicing regularly has made more aware of my health, body and breath.  It’s also helped boost my self confidence. Yoga has been an essential way to help keep myself relaxed and focused while planning my wedding over the last year.  I can’t tell you how many times over the last year my mantra for the class has been “let it go,” and by the end of class I’ve done just that. 

I practiced yoga for a couple years at a different studio before another move brought me to Liberty Yoga.  I’ve never been to a studio that is so welcoming and encourages you to try new poses.  I go to Christine’s FLY class every week and love it!  I love trying adventure poses that before I would have never believed I’d come close to being able to do.  Liberty Yoga is the only studio I’ve found where you regularly work on getting up in to handstands!