Living In Full Energy

Starting In February: 2nd, 9th and 23rd
Typically we meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday of Every month at 8am
Donation Based

LIFE Discussion Group with Paula Bairstow

Liberty Yoga invites you to join us as we take on L*I*F*E, a social community group lead by Christine Shaw and Paula Bairstow, LPCMH (Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health). Together with our Liberty Yoga members, the group will explore topics such as paths to happiness, managing anxiety, the mind-body connection, parenting, and healing/ becoming whole. The LIFE group will address these concepts, and many more, in our familiar setting at the studio, with the intention of supporting and learning from one another, and providing a foundation of a positive and uplifting community.

Paula and Christine will be facilitating this donation based class in an open discussion format.

2014 Dates: March: 2 ,16  / April: 6, 20 / May: 4, 18 / June: 1, 15 (father’s day) / July: 6, 20 / August: 3, 17 / September: 7, 21 / October: 5,19 / November: 2,16 / December: 7,21

A note from Paula:

I am excited to lead this discussion group with Christine and the Liberty community of yogis about our approaches to taking on life, in our safe, cozy community setting at the studio. This is not the poses part of our practice, but the mindfulness piece. The thoughts connect to feelings and lead to actions part. A chance to come together to explore what’s happening in our lives and check in with each other about what we think, how we feel, and what we are doing to manage.  Let’s discuss how we cope, play, parent, commune, offer service, and engage our energy. Let’s identify some topics and tap into what we are all doing to live our best lives.  

We call the group LIFE  which stands for Living In Full Energy, Because the intention of the group is to support each person in their efforts to live life fully plugged in to our potential for being.  The more I get to know my fellow yogis the more I like our collective energy and care that each of us can shine as brightly as possible.  I’m excited to see what will happen if we just show up, together, as a group.  Show up.  And don’t forget to bring your “stuff”.  I hope you will.