Hello!  I’m Erin!

I guess it’s time for me to update this introduction!  I’ve had a page here for over three years now. Thank you for coming to find out more about yoga classes at Liberty Yoga, about our teachers and about me.  Three years ago it was only Christine and I teaching at Liberty Yoga.  Now we’ve grown to have over 10 wonderful instructors teaching at our studio.

I’ve been teaching since 2008 and I have over 3000 hours teaching experience.  This makes me an e-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher).  This means I’ve seen a lot and I can help you make modifications when needed.  Odds are if you are experiencing something that limits your motion, I’ve seen it before.  These therapeutic yoga classes at Liberty Yoga are alignment based classes.  This means we perform movements that improve posture as a large part of the class.

Why do I teach?  Because I really believe yoga makes a difference in people’s lives.  It helps them feel stronger, healthier, and happier!  I figure that’s about as good as it gets in anything.

What’s special about me as a teacher?  First of all, I love teaching senior citizens and any people who need modifications.  This is why I gravitate to therapeutics.   I really am good at helping you learn to move through positions if you are tight or recovering from injury.  I started out yoga relatively inflexible.  I can help you make gains and modify things as needed and I know anatomy.  I also love to have fun!  I like to play around, joke, tell stories.  Sometimes we sing, sometimes we count in french, sometimes we do silly moves or laughter yoga.  Also, I love to try new poses with a class.  No two of my classes are ever the same.  And, finally, I demonstrate with my body.  Visual learners really love this.

I certified in New Jersey at Simply Yoga.  I also trained with Bobbi Golden in Miami – she was trained by Mr. B. K. S. Iyengar himself.  These two training centers specialize in therapeutic adjustments using methods of teaching how to modify poses when needed! Since this original post I have also trained extensively with local teacher trainer Susan Smith through One Yoga and with Lara Heimann, a physical therapist from Princeton, New Jersey whose business is called Yoga Stream.

For three years I taught anatomy and physiology at Delaware Tech.  Teaching anatomy means I know where your muscles are and what they do.  :)  This is helpful in finding trouble spots and addressing them with specific poses.  Most human beings have similar trouble spots.  In terms of aches, it is low back and neck.  In terms of joints, it’s the knees, hips and shoulders.  Your body is designed to heal itself but habits and posture can impact healing.  If you correct your habits and strengthen postural muscles your body will heal and this will seem like magic!  Hereditary issues are often a factor. Yoga can support you in facing these and I will support you in keeping your smile on while we strengthen your body and relax your mind!

Contact Erin:  302-300-0977 or [email protected]