Holly Reynolds


“My first ever yoga class was with Gwen at the YMCA many years ago.  My friend made me go to the class.  And like anyone new to yoga I giggled with her through the new and different experience.  But felt so relaxed and peaceful afterwards.  What really got my attention was how Gwen said there was no judgement or competition in yoga.  I started going to her evening yoga class more often. But then I moved out of state for a couple years and fell out of practice. 

After I had my daughter (who is 5 now)  I moved back to DE and started going to the Y again and that’s where I met Christine.  I was taking her Tuesday yoga class and remembered why I loved yoga.  I was going through a difficult time in my life and I came to my mat to feel peace.  I really started seeing the intention I set on my mat take flight in my every day life.  As my asana improved so did my application of a yoga lifestyle off the mat.       

I’ve been a member at Liberty for over 2 years now.  I’ve never been to a studio that made me feel so welcome.  I like the friendly, casual, often humorous vibe.  My practice has grown so much from when I started.  I can’t wait to come to class every week to hear bits of wisdom, master a new pose, and to laugh!”