Mary Ann ONeill


Mary Ann had many reservations about Yoga from her previous experiences in Lewes, Delaware with her mother. There was a special for one month of yoga here at Liberty Yoga and her sister Patricia Preston gave it a go. Since they are both nurses they are very conscious of their health and well being. Mary Ann’s sister, Tricia, was a breast cancer survivor and they thought this might be a good idea. Mary Ann was “bitten by the yoga bug” and now she feels as good on the inside as she does on the outside.

Yoga has helped Mary Ann strengthen her core, work on balance and flexibility, as well as increase her self confidence! It has definitely made her more aware of certain parts of her body she never knew existed. “The breath” has truly become an important part of her practice and she recognizes now how to use it during her practice with the help of the Liberty Yoga instructors. Mary Ann believes that Yoga has helped her in all aspects of her life. She makes an intention on the mat and decides whether to take it with her or leave it on the mat and “that is powerful!”, she says.

Mary Ann feels committing to a year will help her to continue to improve on her yoga and develop a deeper experience for a healthier mind, body, and spirit. She says “I enjoy taking classes with such knowledgeable and fabulous instructors at Liberty Yoga.”