Mary Heinsohn

Mary in Halifax

Mary’s Journey:

I have never been athletic although I have done various types of exercise (like aerobics classes and even karate) during my working career.  I worked in information technology for 35+ years prior to retirement so spent a lot of time sitting hunched over a computer terminal, with a great deal of stress of dealing with deadlines, clients and co-workers.  After I retired, I was looking for a change.  I started making pottery to fill my artistic desire and found yoga to both fill my need for physical development and also for releasing my mind and spirit from stress.

My friend Carol Leach recommended Liberty Yoga to me so I decided to try it out with a Groupon in 2013.  I liked it very much right away because Erin explained how to use props and modify poses for beginners and those with physical limitations.  I decided the unlimited visits membership was a good idea so I could practice 3 or 4 times a week. I have continued to do so for about 3 years now.  I have some limitations due to rheumatoid arthritis, but I find they are becoming less and less with practice over time.  I am doing things that I never thought I could, and want to work my way towards doing more physically like doing a handstand one day!  My posture and flexibility are vastly improved.  My knees are very sensitive and I discovered that stronger leg muscles allow me to protect them from painful positions.


Mary’s Experience at Liberty Yoga:

The instructors at Liberty Yoga are all excellent.  They take time to explain how to do the poses for students that have some limitations.  It is good to get things explained by different people because sometimes a different point of view clarifies how to improve your practice.  I especially like the 10AM weekday class because (1) Erin is fun and I love the explanation of the physiology involved in the poses and (2) there is such a lovely community of other students who come on a regular basis.  I feel a great benefit from regular practice both of asanas and also of meditation.  I even practice at home if I can’t make it to class.  I like to come to class because there is something different all the time.