Prenatal Teacher Workshop

So… you are all ready for your yoga class and then…  a pregnant woman shows up!  What do you do?  AND what don’t you do?

This workshop is rescheduled for Friday, May 2nd from 5:30-9:30 pm


Class begins with a 75 minute prenatal yoga class with actual pregnant students.

I will give you a list of guidelines and two different templates for class.  The classes will include two different flows that are very beneficial and safe for pregnant women (and can be done with the general population as well) and some stationary Iyengar style poses using the wall.  We will do the classes together to experience it as if we are pregnant.  I think it will actually be a relatively good workout.  🙂

If you sign up by April 1st it’s only $75, after that it goes up to $100.

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