Prenatal Yoga

Are you interested in starting a prenatal yoga class?

Please email us at [email protected] subject line “prenatal yoga” and let us know your name, your availability, and your due date. We’ll see if we can get a class going ASAP!

Other Options:

Our suggestion is to take our Health & Healing course Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday that is very accommodating for pregnant women.

Prenatal yoga is a healthy way to strengthen your body and prepare it for the changes of pregnancy and delivery. It is also beneficial for the mental and physical health of mother and fetus.

pregnant-yoga-4-facing-rightDuring pregnancy some yoga poses are not recommended, others require modifications, and still others

are considered highly beneficial.  You can trust our certified yoga teachers to guide you through this process in a fun and loving way. You will also get the opportunity to meet other women going through the same changes you are.

Exercising every day is recommended for most pregnant women! Pregnancy significantly changes your body so make sure you have a doctor’s approval before exercising during pregnancy. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now recommends: “In the absence of either medical or obstetric complications, 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise a day on most, if not all, days of the week is recommended for pregnant women (ACOG, Committee Opinion#267, Jan. 2002, reaffirmed 2009) .”

Cost:  $15/class in packages of $60. Trial packages and coupons cannot be used for Prenatal Yoga.  Unlimited yoga can be used for prenatal yoga class.

You can build on what you learn there by taking other yoga classes at our studio.  Erin can teach you important modifications and poses to avoid or substitute for other poses.  You can then use that to take vinyasa classes and or therapeutic yoga classes at our studio.  Some pregnant women do vinyasa their whole pregnancy, others do not.  It’s up to you and your body to decide.  This makes unlimited yoga possible for pregnant women at Liberty Yoga.