Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls with Andy West

Andy West

Friday, August 14 at 7pm

$40 / $20 (AutoRenew Members)

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About Andy:

Andy West in the mid 80s studied native healing practices in South America and has been practicing bodywork since 1995.
and has studied as far afield as china where he studied tui-na an ancient form of bodywork. Over the years since Andy received his license to practice massage therapy he has studied many healing modalities including Deep Muscle Therapy, Myofascial Release, Core Chi Balancing, Reiki, Chi-Gung inspired Bio Energy healing, Sound Energy Dynamics and Vibrational Healing with bowls. Since 2006 Andy’s has renewed his interest in sound healing and has acquired a chorus Himalayan  metal and crystal bowls.I believe that that most of our body challenges are a manifestation of dis-harmony within the body.  Vibrational healing, especially with sound in conjunction with bodywork, is a powerful way of restoring the body to health.

 About the Workshop:

The fundamental state of the universe is one of absolute harmony.  When we disconnect from that harmony because of stress, distraction, or the challenges of daily life, it creates dis-ease: physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Sound from Himalayan bowls gently nudges us back to our natural state of blissful tranquility and balance.

All matter has its own particular energy, frequency, or vibration. When we experience the correct harmonic overtones and undertones from the bowls, our bodies begin to vibrate in resonance with the bowls.
When our bodies feel the vibrations from the bowls, we recognize them as the proper “vibes” and reorganize to match them promoting healing.

Receiving healing from the bowls is easy: set an intention and then let the beautiful, relaxing sounds from the bowls wash over you.
Andy, the bowls, and your body’s innate intelligence will do the rest.