SweeneyYogini – Unexpected Benefits of Unlimited Yoga

IMG_6672When Christine and I thought of Unlimited Yoga we were bucking a tradition here in Delaware.  We’d noticed most folks did one yoga class a week.  The thing with one class a week is that it isn’t really the way yoga is designed to work. Yoga is a daily practice. Don’t get me wrong, it will do something.  Any exercise, no matter how little it is, is better than none at all.  It will definitely improve your health to some degree to do yoga once a week.  And especially if you do other things every day.  We have cyclists, runners, and field hockey players at our studio – they use yoga to supplement an already vigorous exercise program.  That does get you in tip top shape.  For those folks, yoga is a nice addition to their daily exercise routine that improves posture, increases flexibility, and calms the mind.

What we were trying to do is make daily yoga affordable so people would come to class more and get more benefits. We weren’t expecting the other benefits that came with it!  At $15 / class it would quickly price someone out if they came 4-6 times a week. That would cost between $240 and $360 per month!  OUCH.  So we made it easy. We offer yoga at $99 / month.  It’s a great deal, yes, but we found out there is more to it than that.

IMG_6606What we keep discovering is that the benefits of unlimited yoga extend WAY beyond the affordability of daily yoga.  Suddenly we’ve created a community.  And that has it’s own health benefits.  We have a group of people who come so often they are really getting to know each other and  forging new relationships, relationships that have their own emotional health benefits that go on top of the yoga.  What a great thing! To read about some of our members who take advantage of unlimited yoga click here.

And it isn’t just friendships that are formed. The community brings with it a network of information about local artists, massage therapists, energy workers, food specialists, book sellers, deal hunters.  I get poems. I get EmergenC vitamin packs – you should really use those, fyi.  I get tips for kicking my coffee habit – or maybe just laughs about caffeine withdrawal being a recognized mental disorder.  I get articles from the newspaper on yoga and heart disease or on the oldest living yoga teacher or on pranayama.  I get photos with crazy pretzel yoga pictures and pictures of dogs doing yoga and find out local yoga teachers are running for mayor of Newark – Rebbecca Powers – cough cough.   What a wealth of knowledge we can all bring the to the table one teaspoon at a time!

crocus flowersPlus the teachers at our studio have specialties of their own.  Debbie owns the Bookateria which is a great place to get and give used books – keep the reading going!  Christine has her opera singing.  I don’t think I’d ever been to the opera in my life until I met Christine and now I’ve gone twice in less than a year!  Laurie has her passion for therapeutics with a soft energy that perfectly balances my fiery nature.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what the Liberty Yoga community grows to with each new day.  Keep coming!  Keep sharing your poems, your clippings, your wisdom, your vitamins, your oms, your love.  We offer something truly special at Liberty Yoga – a growing, thriving yoga community.  With each day together we grow into a more and more beautiful garden!

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