The Art of Playful Practice

The Art of Playful Practice with Zach and Susie!

Sunday April 6 1-3pm  $30 / $15 for AutoRenew

Take Your Yoga to the Next Level

through exploration of movement, breathing, singing and hand gestures

 Photo on 1-19-14 at 10.34 AM                   Zach and Susie #1                       Photo on 1-19-14 at 10.32 AM #2


By bringing this creative Shakti energy and focusing on “Lila” (the name for “play” in Hindi) to the forefront we are tapping into our primordial nature or our true calling in life.  This workshop will focus on bringing out the individuality of each practitioner via asana, pranayama, chanting, thought, speech and action.  The practice will be safe and challenging, do-able and fulfilling and most of all representative of you. All are welcome to come and test their mental and physical edges!

Zach Plerhoples:

Zach Plerhoples is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Yogaslacker (Slackline Yoga  and Acro Yoga teacher), and Yin Yoga Instructor.   He is extremely physical and fun loving, teaching everything from Arm Balancing and Foundational Acrobatic Skills to the more passive and restorative end of the physical spectrum with the practice of Yin Yoga and Myofasicial release.  Zach enjoys teaching the practices of wellness to assist individuals towards an integrated, healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Susie Cohen:

Susie Cohen is humbled and inspired by the amazing people she has practiced with in her 10 years of teaching and sharing her 20 years of yoga experience. Her first teacher training, in ashtanga vinyasa, was in 2003 at MokSana Yoga in Victoria BC and she more recently studied vinyasa teacher training at Empowered Yoga but truly, it is her two children who have been her greatest yoga teachers!  Susie swirls yoga, music, essential oils, breath, visualization and intention into a joyful transformative playground where we all may dive deeper.