Alignment Yoga

This group of men and women work very hard in their yoga practice but classes are designed to support their bodies so that they can gently heal from injury, stay strong and become more flexible! Plus, this group is very social so you will also have loads of fun laughing and meeting new people.  Join us today!

Call Erin at 302-300-0977 with any questions or email at [email protected]

 Alignment Yoga is the Fun Solution to Yoga Anxiety!

Traditional Yoga classes leaving you feeling uncomfortable instead of relaxed?

Feeling intimidated by balance poses, weird pretzel contortions, and circus moves?

Is an injury keeping you from your vinyasa flow?

These are just a few of the reasons why you might prefer alignment yoga class.  These classes are offered during the day, six days a week at Liberty Yoga.  There are also evening classes at 7 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. CLICK HERE to See Our Schedule.  They are taught by caring instructors with additional training in therapeutics who remember the issues you face in your yoga practice and helps you adjust accordingly.  🙂