Totally new to yoga?

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Beginner classes are for you.

Here are the Best Classes for Beginners on the schedule:

Beginner Vinyasa: Monday and Wednesdays at 5:30

Morning Yoga: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:15am

(We offer a very special package for Morning Classes Only. $60 / month for Unlimited Morning Yoga with a 4 month Contract!)

Therapeutic: Any Therapeutic Class on the Schedule

  (Beginners are welcome in all our classes at Liberty Yoga.)

Class time for Beginners:

Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm- Beginner Vinyasa: a flow yoga class and ANY Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 7:15am- Vinyasa

and any Therapeutic Class.

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Therapeutic beginner?  You don’t need a special class.  All therapeutic yoga classes accept beginners.

Beginner Vinyasa Classes are specifically for beginners. Each class will focus on the Fundamentals of Yoga to help you to learn the best alignment to correct postural habits. You will also learn the names of the poses (asanas) and how to move in the best possible way for your body. The Morning Yoga Vinyasa Classes are also designed for Beginners. Come and enjoy this flow class tailored to your needs. To get the most out of your experience please come often and plan to attend other classes on the schedule during the week to practice what you have learned.



Christine Shaw


FLY! Vinyasa- Fundamentals / Flow
Christine: 302-367-5074
[email protected]


Therapeutic / Stationary
Erin: 302-300-0977
[email protected]

Erin Sweeney

Erin Sweeney

Debbie Galla

Debbie Galla

 Our Other Teachers


Gwen Gerety Hays

Laurie Leone

Laurie Leone


surprised guru Let us take you from nervous about yoga to confident!  P1010630_2Our beginner classes (Mon and Wed FLY! Vinyasa at 5:30pm, Monday- Thursday at 7:15am and any Therapeutic Class) are designed to do just that.

These classes will prepare you for flow yoga classes.  You will learn about shifting your balance appropriately, transitions, terminology, etiquette and alignment. At the end of the beginner classes you will gain body awareness and knowledge to feel confident to go into regular Vinyasa Classes and follow along comfortably.



What is the difference between vinyasa and therapeutic?

Vinayasa is flow yoga; the poses are connected together one after the next in a upside down front pagepattern of movements similar to dance. It is quite athletic.  Therapeutic classes offer the yoga poses mostly separated by a pause – you hold a pose then return to standing before holding another pose.

Vinyasa classes can be suitable for people at any age but are usually most popular with young people.  They require a moderate degree of flexibility, athleticism, and balance.  Overweight individuals, older individuals, and people recovering from surgery can sometimes find flow yoga challenging or even uncomfortable.  Depending on the recommendations of your doctor and your personal taste you may prefer therapeutic yoga.  Therapeutic yoga is also quite challenging and athletic but by using props and the wall it is made more accessible to people who find vinyasa too difficult.

Both types of classes at Liberty Yoga are designed to get you “in shape” with a body that feels good and to help you quiet your mind.  Meditation is an important part of the yoga practice and is seriously approached in all classes at our studio.  Breathing exercises and concentration exercises are also essential to yoga.  Many of our clients take both vinyasa and therapeutic classes and modifications can be made in both types of classes for special circumstances.  Sometimes attitude and commitment are the only things holding a client back but not always – accommodations must be made for each individual.  We pay attention to you as individuals to support your needs and help you grow in a way that is safe and fun. Both Christine and Erin like to play around in class and have a great time! Enjoy classes from our other teachers: Debbie, Gwen, Laurie and Zach

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

One of our first vinyasa classes.

One of our first vinyasa classes.