TRX Yoga is Here at Liberty Yoga!



     TRX Yoga is here! From the moment Christine took a TRX class she knew that this type of training was essentially Yoga. It uses the same principles of yoga asana which is strengthening by using your own body weight.
     Christine is a certified TRX teacher and has designed a Fun and dynamic Yoga class using the TRX suspension training straps to enhance your total body flexibility and strength while working the whole kinetic chain. 
TRX uses these Foundational Movements: Plank, Pull, Hinge, Rotate, Push, Squat and Lunge
     TRX uses the principle of “Active Plank” which is essentially Mountain Pose: Precise alignment in all positions, AND the principle of “Stability before Mobility”.

 Watch this video to see what to expect in a TRX Yoga class!
By taking the TRX Yoga class with the suspension straps you can:
*Improve overall fitness
*Increase arm and core strength
*Improve balance 
*Become stronger and leaner
*Enhance your Yoga practice
It’s NEW! It’s Strengthening! It’s uplifting! It will enhance all of your Yoga Practices!

Excited to try it for yourself?

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