Zach’s 2 Hour Arm Balance Workshop!

September 15th 2-4 – a party to follow



Can I come to the workshop even if I did not do the summer we can do it program?

Yes!  Most of the members fell off the wagon at some point but are still coming to the workshop. Please join us!



$30 early bird

$15 members


Join the Team and Do It!!!!!
Do what?
Why those fun Yoga Adventure Poses —of course! Poses we will build to are: crow, side crow, firefly, feathered peacock, and hand stand!
We can teach you how!

Christine Polecaro in crow (crane) pose on a stool

Christine Polecaro in crow
(crane – bakasana) on a stool


Erin Sweeney in
Side Crow

Christine in Firefly (Tittibasana)

Christine in Firefly (Tittibasana)


Erin Sweeney in Feathered Peacock
(Pincha Myarasana)


Zach Plerhoples in Hand Stand
(Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Join the TEAM today! We Begin June 1st. Practice all Summer and into September. Come to the Workshop on September 15.

1st: Sign up for the team! Links are above!

2nd: Set a goal.

Choose the “Adventure poses” you would like to learn or strengthen.

3rd: Take it one step at a time.

Do Christine, Zach and Erin’s Youtube videos over the summer—> June, July, August! These will prepare you for the arm balances by strengthening your core and arms, opening your hips, stretching your hamstrings, and helping you to feel comfortable “flying” and being upside down too!

4th: Practice at Home and at Liberty Yoga.

Do the short videos on Youtube during the week (A Few are free / Others cost $2.50 each)

Come to class on Wednesday nights at 7pm class. The Focus will be, for the
“You Can Do It Team!”, a Vinyasa Flow with Arm Balances!

To best prepare to meet your goal, we are asking you to commit to do one 30 minute work-out, or several shorter workouts (5-15mins), 4 times a week at home and attend the specialty class on Wednesdays at 7 pm plus your regular classes at Liberty Yoga.

5th: Put it all Together.

Come to Zach’s Arm Balance Workshop on Sunday, September 15, 2-4 pm and use your new found courage and strength to achieve your goal as Zach takes you through this workshop to put it all together and DO IT!! A special surprise gift awaits all who join the team and finish with the workshop!! ($60- non-members / $40-Members – This fee includes the 2 hour workshop, a gift, a party, some free youtube videos, a facebook community discussion and regular motivational emails.)

6th: YOU DID IT!!!

Feel proud, invigorated and strong knowing you did it! You CAN DO anything you put your mind to! These poses are totally doable even for people in their 50’s – we’ve seen it happen before.  You CAN do it!

Join the Team today! 

Sign up at Liberty Yoga and you will be sent the link to the videos to get plugged into all of the fun training to reach your goal!

Cost?  There will be some free videos available. We are offering each 30 minute video for just $2.50 using paypal.  We are offering the workshop and We Can Do It Team membership for $60 for non-members and $40 for autorenew members.  The workshop will be Saturday September 15 at a time TBD at Liberty Yoga.

Your cost will include:

* You tube Welcome Video
* Wed. 7pm Class with a focus on “We Can Do It”
* A We Can Do It T-Shirt (in White, Black or Yellow.)
* Motivational Emails
* Facebook Community Discussion

* AND —the Arm Balance Workshop on September 15, 2013———–> Can’t make the workshop? Join up for 1/2 price $32. Price includes all except the Workshop  (if you are out of town or state – enjoy the online youtube videos $2.50 each and get a “We can do it T-shirt”

WE CAN DO IT Begins June 1st!!            Helping Hand!