We Can Do It! 


What can we do, you ask!? Anything we put our minds to.

WCDI is all about gaining strength in the arms and core and winning prizes when you do!

Spread the word, and let’s have fun getting stronger and healthier together while supporting each other.

Here’s How to join: For just $35 you get a t-shirt, arm and core videos and emails with tips to get stronger, a kick off and a finale party, and the chance to win cool prizes!

Click Here to Register!

Here’s how to win!: There will be prizes for whoever has joined and attends the most yoga classes at Liberty Yoga in March, April, and May.
At the kickoff we will offer you and brainstorm core and arm poses to practice in the three months.

Here’s the Results: At the finale party we will practice the core and arm strengthening moves we have learned and see our improvements! Everyone will get a certificate of participation and, of course, prizes!

Get ready for Summer with We Can Do It!