Shoulderstand Workshop

Saturday, April 12 12- 3 pm
Master Teacher: Kathleen Wright


Price:  $30 for members and nonmembers

Back by popular demand is Kathleen Wright. This workshop was excellent the first time and this time it will be even better for several reasons.  The first is that we will have more time for Kathleen to take us through the complicated preparation that opens the shoulders for this pose.  The second is adding time will also allow us to spend more time in shoulderstand itself.  Finally, we will have a bit more room to work because of our recent studio expansion.  Shoulderstand is one of the most beneficial and important poses to yoga but it must be done carefully to be safe and effective.  This workshop can be done any number of times and is suitable for new people to the pose and even better for people with years of experience practicing yoga. This is a tough pose that can be taken and many different levels.  Find out what the safe and right level for you is.

Our shoulderstand workshop will be led by longtime local yoga teacher, Kathleen Wright.  Kathleen has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years.  She has been teaching continuously, both public & private classes since the mid-90’s.  Her studio, Very Near Yoga Studio, was established in 1998 as one of the first dedicated yoga practice spaces in the Wilmington/Newark area.  Yoga Alliance granted her the E-YT 500 hour status and her ongoing teacher training with senior IYENGAR teachers in the U.S., from India and elsewhere forms the basis of her style of teaching.  The magic of the use of props is what will be covered in detail by Kathleen.  (note:  all props will be provided by Liberty Yoga, however, if you have your own blocks, belts, blankets, please bring them with you). The instruction you will receive surpasses any photo or video presentation that you may have seen.  The aim of learning how to safely practice this most valuable asana and its variations using chairs and walls as props will reveal the way in which every student can learn how to extend and align the spine while inverted.  Inversions begin with preparatory poses that will facilitate strength & flexibility for even the beginner.  If you have questions or concerns to discuss with Kathleen, you may contact her by phone or e-mail:  (302)656-6983   /  [email protected]


Plow Variation
Kathleen Wright


The props – Shoulderstand Set-up
Kathleen Wright