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When someone you love is struggling you matter too.

Yoga, Meditation and more for loved ones in pain.


YES Feedback Workshops: $35

The Feedback Workshops are 2 hours and 15 mins. The first 30 minutes are with Winden Rowe, licensed counselor specializing in Trauma, Substance Abuse and Addiction. Winden will discuss the brain (mind) / body connection and how movement is necessary to relieve emotional pain. Then Christine will teach a YES class that will run 75-90 mins. The last 15 minutes will be for the class to fill out a feedback form so that we may refine and improve on the classes. 

Thank you for signing up and attending!

Tuesday October 10, 7-9:15pm Liberty Yoga 700 Capitol Trail Newark, DE 19711

Tuesday October 24, 7-9:15pm Metamorphosis 331 E. State Street Kennet Square, PA 19348

Sunday October 29, 12:30-2:45pm Inner Light Yoga 62 Rockford Rd, Wilmington, DE 19806

Saturday November 11, 12-2:15 Sadhana Yoga 1601 Concord Pike Suite 34, Wilmington, DE 19803

Sunday November 12, 1-3:15 The Light Within 263 W. Evergreen Street West Grove, PA 19390

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YES Classes: $18 or $115 for 8 class package 

Wednesdays 4-5:15pm  and   Saturdays 11:45-1pm

Classes held at Liberty Yoga

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Why do I need YES?

     Substance Use Disorder (addiction), mental health and trauma can ruin lives. It not only affects the person with the disease but it affects the family members and loved ones as well. The pain that the family feels is real and significant. Support groups like Al-anon, Nar-Anon and Family support groups are helpful because we can empathize with others. What is really important is for us, the family members and caretakers, to heal emotionally with a focus solely on our own self care regardless of what our loved one is doing. Many people are in need of emotional support over the loss of a loved one, a family member who is sick or dying, divorce, abuse and more. YES is for them as well.

     Through the practice of  Yoga and Meditation participants receive tools and strategies for managing difficult situations and emotions. They can learn to not only survive but thrive! Moving the physical body and focusing on the breath helps to quiet the mind and relax the body which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system as well as releases endorphins, the body’s natural stress and pain relievers. It helps calm the emotions and bring about a state of contentment, well- being and healing.These benefits are crucial to the family members and loved ones as well as the person with disease.

     Each YES  class is designed to reduce emotional stress with a message of self care, a physical practice for all fitness levels, breathing techniques and meditation. The focus is solely on you and your healing. Through the YES classes you will find strength, peace and happiness within yourself and be able to manage difficult times with grace. They will then be able to thrive in their own lives as well as offer loving kindness and support to those around them.

What makes a YES class different than a regular Yoga class?:

The focus is on you!  By nurturing and loving yourself you can be available and loving for those around you. You will learn ways to feel empowered and confident prioritizing yourself and taking responsibility for your own health and happiness.

The 3 Intentions of YES:

1-To provide you with tools & techniques to manage your own physical and emotional well being  

2- Offer you a sense of connection to a welcoming and supportive community 

3- To give you the power and strength to thrive in your own life

Christine’s Story and How YES came to be:

     I am Christine Shaw and I am the founder of YES- Yoga for Emotional Support. I am an E-RYT Yoga teacher & studio co-owner and the parent of a child with mental health disease and substance use disorder

     YES came about after I experienced years of pain and worry, feeling hopeless and scared for my daughter who suffers with trauma, anxiety and depression and then turned to drugs and alcohol to manage her pain.

     I discovered through my  journey of trying to care for and “help” my daughter that I needed support and care for my own health and well being and that although it was so very painful to watch her make unhealthy and unsafe choices those were still her choices. I sought out places for support. I started going to Al-Anon and Nar-anon meetings and parent support groups and even began a support group (through Caron treatment center) with 3 other moms. These groups are so helpful because they allow us to share our similar experiences and find support and help from people who are going through the same things. I also felt I needed something that was solely for me and my self care. I needed tools so when all of the turmoil and craziness happened I could remain calm and handle it with loving kindness for myself and others. My Yoga practice, breathing and Meditation helped me to do this. From these desires YES was born!

The Benefits of YES

     Moving our physical bodies and feeling a connection to the mind, body and breath is an excellent way to tap into our bodies natural stress or pain relievers called endorphins. It allows us to make space to move out of a place of fear and hopelessness and make room for healing, love and possibilities.

      Yoga for Emotional Support helps you to get back to focusing on yourself. It helps by combining the physical movements of  Yoga and breath and the mental calming of Meditation, visualization, self talk, energy work, essential oils, and more. Many family members or loved ones may have neglected to do things for their own health and well being. These tools will help you to not only survive but to thrive in life

What do we tend to do to “help” a person with addiction?

Parents, caretakers or loved ones tend to direct time, money, resources, effort, focus, thoughts, energy and emotions towards those with mental health, substance use disorder (addiction) or trauma with all good intentions towards helping and nurturing them and then we find ourselves an emotional wreck because we haven’t taken care of our own emotional, mental and physical needs.

How can we be the most effective?

When we learn tools to take care of ourselves so we can become more available, stable, empathetic, calm, grounded, grateful, loving and centered, then we can truly be free and able to help our loved ones in the most appropriate and caring ways.

What does taking care of ourselves look like?

Finding and using tools for self care is the best way to be able respond appropriately in emotionally charged situations. Tools like yoga and meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, mantras, positive self talk, essential oils and connecting with your own energy all help you to nurture yourself and become emotionally stable and strong.

YES (Yoga for Emotional Support) will give you the tools you need!

When you come to a YES class the focus is on you! From the moment you enter you will be accepted right where you are. An intention of nurturing yourself begins as soon as you enter the class where you will gain insight and tools throughout to manage stress or emotional upsets when they occur. Learn a variety of ways to access the parasympathetic nervous system or the relaxation response, like breathing, moving, using mantras, guided meditations and visualizations, essential oils, positive self talk and more. You will begin to change the way you respond to life and feel empowered to manage all situations.

So, YES, support your loved one with your time and focus and energy AND find compassion and kindness for yourself.