Yoga Roots with Therese Jornlin


A 9 Week Program

For Yoga Teachers and Serious Students

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March 17- May 19 12:30-2:30pm

No class on March 31 for Spring Break

$360 ($40 per 2 hour session)

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What is going on inside you while you bend and twist? This 10 week series includes critical information that will help you get back to the roots of yoga and the origins of every asana. Materials from the Breath As Medicine course are also included. In India, the basic principles of yoga are taught to alllll students, not just teachers. These principles are the core, the root, the engine for all movement of mind and body. They are the ’teachers’ of your practice and are necessary for anyone beginning, teaching or continuing their journey with yoga. This course guarantees to deepen your experience of yoga and enrich your every breath. Topics included are:

Basic Principles:

  • Internal movements of mind and heart that help cultivate steadiness
  • Allowing all asanas to lead to the seated pose and the lotus mudra
  • How to practice properly aligning and unifying the mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Making movement mindful from beginning to end

Breath As Medicine: The Anatomy, Technology, and Spirituality of Breathing (materials from the Breath As Medicine course included – see below)

  • Experience how the breath mirrors the mind, how breath is the leader, teacher and container of all movement of body and mind and how breath is your most intimate companion

Foodless Nutrition: Practicing yoga includes the foods you eat and other forms of foodless nutrition that are essential.


Testimonials from her website: “This course should be required training for every yoga teacher and any sincere student of yoga. This is nothing like any class that I have taken in the US. While all yoga teachers tell you to breathe, Therese shows you how. Everything I do now is more mindful on and off the mat. Thank breath. Thank you Therese. I am a better teacher, parent, friend, wife and human being. Even my jogging has improved!” -Jen Podos, Teacher and Mother

“Therese Jornlin is a wellspring of wisdom. She brings ancient teachings to life, infuses modern techniques and modalities with depth and breadth, and provides insights, experiences and practices that feed the body, mind and spirit. Her teaching is authentic, embodied, gentle, brave, selfless and expansive. She doesn’t just teach information and model practices; she transforms lives. I’ve taken many classes in my long life and I can say that Therese is the best teacher I‘ve ever encountered, that rare mix of being who simultaneously and seamlessly honors the individual, the collective, and the Divine.” -Gale F., Teacher and Writer