Yoga Soup For the Soul—-Your Yoga Journey

Hi Yogis! This is Christine’s Blog…..

I have not done much blogging but have always wanted to put my thoughts down about my journey AND more importantly about your Journey in Yoga. I love the saying “The journey is the goal!” It gives you the good feeling that you don’t have to accomplish everything  today. You can enjoy this day for just what it offers you today  knowing that it is setting you up for all that is to come. I love adding the human quality to my classes by setting a theme based on my experiences which we can all relate to with all of our real, every day life challenges, struggles, joys, fears, and hopes!

I love the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books by Jack Canfield. I have read many of his books(a Great one is “The Success Principles”) and I have seen him as a guest speaker when I was with the company Arbonne. He spoke about how those books came about and how he wanted to offer people inspiration through short stories about how we all can make this world a little bit better through our generosity of spirit and our  kindness to others. The books also help us to know that we are not alone in our struggles and grief or our desire to give to others. I heard a funny quote online the other day by W.H. Orden. He said “We are here on earth to help others. What the others are here for I have no idea!” HA!! I mean LOL! (my daughter says I’ve gotta get hip with the text lingo! <<< I’m sure she didn’t tell me like that either!)

So anyway, my wheels got to spinning like they always are—actually, sometimes it can drive me a little crazy with all of the ideas I have in my head and how I may be able to put them  to work for a business, new product, helping others and more— but that’s a whole other blog!

So, I paired this idea of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book with the idea of  hearing about different people’s Journeys in Yoga!! I thought, why not start gathering short stories of how people began their Yoga journey OR a fun story of a class experience OR how they had a light bulb moment in class OR how a teacher encouraged them OR how they took what they learned on the mat to a situation off of the mat! I know I have many stories of my own to add to the list!

So, I hear that the idea of a blog is for people to read other blogs and then share their thoughts. This will be a great opportunity to add your experiences for others to read, relate to, laugh about or cry (like the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books make you do—EVERY TIME!!).

So…..let’s begin this journey together in this the sharing of Your Yoga Journey and we can call the project “Yoga for the Soul”. I googled this and there are lots of things that come up. There  already is  a book by this name so when we publish these stories 😉  we will think of another name —Maybe “Yoga Soup for the Soul”.  For now… enjoy my stories and then add your own!! Then, as you have more experiences please come back and add them to the others. You can number each new story you add.

My Story #1: I actually just “melted” in to yoga. I can not remember my first class or a definitive moment that I decided to start practicing Yoga but I do remember one of the first teachers that I loved. I can’t remember her name. She was in her late 60’s. She lived in Hockessin and taught classes out of her home. The students would walk in the front door and right down to her beautiful basement studio. It was a warm space with a carpeted floor (that was interesting), bolsters, blankets and nice music. She always had something nice to speak about before class in her lovely foreign accent (I can’t remember her nationality). We had a wonderful practice and I learned something new every time. The whole class felt like meditation. Oh, did I mention I was pregnant? She gave me a chair and a few extra suggestions and then allowed me to experience the yoga with my big belly. I remember at the end of class we would relax in Savasana and she went around and draped us all in a blanket and gave us plenty of pillows. Ahhhhhh. So, we were resting and she was speaking in her lilting voice and I fell asleep! I didn’t realize it until everyone was sitting up and she was saying some closing words. I popped up—a little embarrassed (you really aren’t supposed to fall asleep in savasana) and finished with “Namaste”.  I am so grateful for this teacher who offered her home, herself and her wisdom to all of us. My daughter is now 13 so those classes when I was pregnant was long ago but still hold a special place in my memory.

My Story #2: I went to a 2 day Core strength Vinyasa Workshop at the Himalayan Institute with my teacher Sadie Nardini. It is a beautiful place to be with all like minded people and a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. There were about 25 students in the workshop and we split off at one point to work on handstands and back bends and more. Sadie came over to me to help work on a back bend  from my knees. She knelt down beside me as I moved into Camel. She encouraged me to extend up and then reach up and do a full back bend so my hands would touch the floor behind me. By the way, we were also talking about embracing the fear!! So, I stretched up (with the whole class watching) and reach back and SLAMMED hard on the top of my head!!! OW! There was a huge bang and reverberation in the room and everyone gasped. I saw stars as I came up and Sadie just said “Ok—try it again!” I was expecting a “Oh no. Are you ok?” or “Let’s get you to the hospital!” HA! But she just said “Go again, Quickly- Don’t think about it. Embrace the Fear!” So, I sat up and went again! This time she gave me some assistance and I reached my hands all the way to the floor…..and it felt great! To this day I am really grateful that Sadie just encouraged me to shake it off and try again. NOW, I am proud to say  I can reach back all on my own from Camel into a full back bend touching the floor. I will show you sometime. Thanks Sadie!

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