500 Hour Yoga Teacher


Calling all yoga teachers interested getting to the heart of yoga in their own practice

while learning more anatomy and functional movement!

With yoga studio co-owner:

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 9.48.44 AM.png

Erin Sweeney- Detwiler

What you can expect from this training:

This training will add 300 hours to your 200 hr YTT (prerequisite) to become 500 hr trained.  Please contact Erin if you are interested. We are in the planning stages of this program.  302-300-0977.

About Asana

The asana focus of the training is on anatomy and functional movement.  You will learn how to make therapeutic modifications for all populations. You will also learn how to modify traditional yoga poses and transitions to be more functional and therapeutic.

About Your Yoga

Yoga is not about asana – it’s about quieting the mind. In this program you will deepen your own practice to strengthen your teaching. Find your path and stay on it. Learn to self heal. Build strong relationships everywhere in your life.  Deepen your connection to the Universe. The foundations of yoga are far beyond the physical practice.  You will be given the time and guidance to build this part of your practice to be a truly powerful teacher and guide for others.


500 Hour YTT Schedule: Training is ongoing. Contact Erin for the latest

                                                       courses being offered

Weekend Format:  18 hours per weekend. 15 weekends and/or combinations that allow for 270 minimum hours for Yoga Alliance Certification.  




Program Content:

Therapeutics – What are the techniques of therapeutic yoga.  Explaining the benefits of therapeutic yoga to clients How are the techniques different from traditional Yoga.

Alignment – Changes to traditional alignment to make the practice more healing for the body.  Why is this and what are the differences? Discussion on common misconceptions about what certain cues mean.  

Anatomy – Spine, Shoulders, Hips, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet – Individual weekends on each of these topics.

Prenatal Yoga – Participation in Weekly prenatal classes. This will be helpful even if you never intend to teach prenatal – you will definitely have pregnant clients in your classes or in private sessions.

Chair Yoga – Ways to teach chair yoga including safety issues and modifications.

Wall Use – The wall is a valuable tool. We will delve deep into how to use the wall.

Prop Use – Props can be tricky.  It’s important to know how to use them and to understand why they are used.

The Magic 12 Therapeutic Flows – I have developed 12 Therapeutic Flows to address different issues.  These will be given to students to use as a basis for teaching both non flow and flow yoga classes.  

The Human Animal – Learn how to keep humans healthy and why they need what they need.  

Breathing – Possibly the single most important part of the practice.

The Power of Humor – Class management and how to have fun.

Creating a “Playbook” – Yoga teacher tools. This will provide you with a resource so good, you could sell it.  

Tricks for Creativity – Exploring ways to make your classes fresh and new each time

Tricks for Memory – Have trouble memorizing yoga sequences? Learn how it’s done even when you don’t have a good memory.

What your Clients are Facing. Walk a mile in your clients shoes.  What they don’t know and how to make sure you teach it with love.

Spirituality and Yoga – Hinduism, Buddhism, New Agism…  what’s it all about? Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Satipatthana Sutta (Pali not Sanskrit), and The Chakras System. How does this relate to yoga.

Training the Mind – Concentration is an essential part of yoga.  Tricks for helping clients.

Self-Care – This entire weekend will be dedicated to YOU.  You’ll feel amazing. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself.  This is a retreat weekend. (some extra fees may apply for food and lodging, they will not be excessive)

Private Clients – Build a business based on this, learn techniques to truly help people.  

Business of Yoga – Social Media, Website Management, Registrations, Insurance, Licenses, Connections, Marketing

Using MELT Method and Self Acupressure Techniques with Clients – This will not provide you MELT Method certification but you will be able to guide people in the use of the MELT props in group classes after the training.  You will also learn other self Acupressure techniques. The theories behind self acupressure will be discussed and you will get to practice on yourself and each other.



The weekend sessions will be $270 / 18 hour session. Discounted to $170 / Weekend Session for LY Instructors and unlimited yoga members.  

Evening Sessions will be $45 / $30 for LY instructors and Unlimited yoga members

Unlimited yoga for people in the training will be $88 / month



There will be monthly homework assignments.  These will include:

Writing meditations/poetry/sentiments to open and close classes for your “Play Book”.

Creating Sequences to work on specific body issues.

Posting to Social Media for the purposes of getting you marketing yourself.  


Enrollment Requirements:

You must already have a 200 hour YTT

Once enrolled you must take a minimum of 9 hours of training each month to stay in the program.

You can start anytime.


Sample Class:

You will create a sample Therapeutic Class as a final project.  


Graduation Requirements:

To graduate you will submit the log of your 270 hours for approval and your sample class.