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Special Events

1 Day Retreat to Kula Kamala Ashram
Another Trip coming soon/  6am-3pm


Join this Special 1 day retreat event to Kula Kamala in Alsace, PA.
Visit this lovely Ashram where Christine (owner of Liberty Yoga) studied Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Leadership with her guru and monk Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati. We will carpool together (about a 75 minute drive) for this one day of japa (chanting) meditation, a Yin Yoga class, wisdom circle (spiritual talk by SwaminiJi), and Brunch from the Food4All Cafe.

The Schedule:


6am- Gather and carpool from the Liberty Yoga parking lot
7:30am- Arrive at the Ashram. Tour the grounds
8am- Japa Meditation
9:30am- Yin Yoga Class
10:30am- Wisdom Circle -wisdom talk with Swamini Ji
11:30am- Brunch 
1pm- leave the Ashram
2:30 or 3pm- Arrive back at Liberty Yoga
Cost: Donation (pay for each of the 4 events separately from $5 and up)

To join this retreat click the join now button and follow these steps:
1. find May 15th on the class calendar
2. click on Japa meditation
3. create an account (scroll down in the pop up box to sign up)
4. create account and pay for the japa (you choose how much to donate)
5. "X" out of the box and click on Yin Yoga class
6. pay / donate for this.
7. Repeat for wisdom circle and brunch
8. Pay for all 4 

Natural Beauty

Crystal Singing Bowls and Singing by Christine

Next Sound Bath coming in 2022
Cost: $30.
Discount: Bring a friend and you both pay $25!
(contact Christine, 302-367-5074, for the friend discount code)
In person only.

Join Andy West and Christine Shaw for this special sound bath experience with crystal singing bowls. Enjoy the healing and relaxing sounds as they wash over you from all corners of the room. The vibrations of the sounds mix with your own inner energies to balance the mind and body and release any inner stress or overwhelm. This unique experience will include the sounds of the singing bowls while Christine's accompanies them with her voice: singing seed sounds and chanting mantras. Ahhhhhh. 

TGIF Happy Hour Events

Select Fridays from 7 to 9pm
Most are FREE. Some have a small Fee
All are Fun with a focus on Community!

Tarot Reading
Acupressure Neck Massage
Henna Tattoo in Progress

Spa & Spirituality Night:

Next one coming in 2022

All are welcome to this event to pamper yourself with Henna tattoos by Rupali, Tarot Card readings by Robert,  Chair Massage by Cheryl and Yoga by Christine.  Sign up for your 5-15 minute spot and enjoy restorative and gentle yoga and sweet treats by the NEW Peach Blossom Eatery on Main Street in Newark.

Each service is $10-$30 (Cash only) 

Register for FREE here (click the Register Now button)

Yoga Asana

Other events.
Click to Express your interest.

Eyes Closed


Private Sound Bath Experience 

   Singing Bowls * Flute * Chimes * Ocean Drum

Enjoy relaxation, deep breathing and calming the mind, body and spirit with this gentle and restorative postures. Then envelope yourself with sound from singing bowls, shruti box, flute, drumming and more. Vibrations resonate with the body activating theta waves and a state of deep meditation.  Singing Bowls are tuned to the 7 chakras. Open and release blocked energy and come back to harmony. 

Enjoy a private one on one session or a small group (up to 9).

Additional offerings: Gentle Yoga practice before the sound bath.

                                                Yoga Nidra before or after the sound bath.

Click below to request a private session - $75- $100 for a one hour session

                                                                                              $200 for a 90 minute session




Lakshmi,  |  Saraswati  | Parvati 

This series is perfect for anyone looking to manifest the life you want.

Guided imagery & affirmations, takes you on a journey into the Isle of Jewels or creation itself. Find the energy & creative potential of Maha Devi within yourself to create the world your want! Before you leave you will:

*Create your own self-hypnosis routine to continue as a daily home practice.

*Receive notes from me for your review and practice.


$45 each session

$170 for all 4



Come and treat yourself with a quiet relaxing afternoon that will help to relieve stress through the experience of creating mandala art. Find your inner tranquility by immersing yourself in making mandala designs while sipping a hot cup of Indian chai while meditative music plays in the background. Vidya will walk you through step by step techniques. All supplies included.

Meditation by the Beach


Join John or Christine for a yoga nidra experience. 

Yoga Nidra calms the autonomic nervous system which regulates processes of the body that take place without a conscious effort (heartbeat, breathing, digestion and blood flow). This system also includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Meditation helps us calm the sympathetic nervous system; mainly, our fight or flight response.

Yoga Class for all Ages
Practicing Yoga

Consistency is the key!  This challenge is designed to motivate you to stick with your weekly Yoga practice and enjoy a variety of classes in 5 weeks in 5 areas AND when you do you will win!

Here's how to join the challenge and win!!

  • Challenge begins The week of September 19 and runs until October 22

  • Attend 2 or more classes per week (2 minimum) in 5 weeks in 5 areas to jump start your health in all areas. 

  • Track your progress on the chart at the studio (or on your own at home)

  • Choose a variety of classes to master your yoga in all areas

  • Attend the most times in 5 weeks (12 or more times in 5 weeks and you WIN!) and receive the top prize (A surprise!)

  • All who attend 12  times in 5 weeks win attendance to:

                           Tea and Me: Tea and Treats with Crystal bowl & Yoga Nidra Experience!

                      Friday Oct 28 6:30-8pm & Sunday November 6 2:30-4pm

$45  {$35 each when you bring a guest. At checkout use code: MYFRIEND}

Enjoy an evening of Tea and treats (pastries and more) followed by crystal bowls and yoga nidra. A relaxing community and friend bonding event just for you


Here are the best package options to stay consistent, come often and save the most!:

  • Monthly Unlimited AutoRenew Special (for new to autorenew students) = $95/ month (offer ends October 10)

  • Monthly Unlimited AutoRenew  = $108/ month

  • Morning Flow ONLY AutoRenew = $75/ month

                                                            Pay as low as $6 per class

Download the App called Wellness Living Achieve to view the schedule, book and pay for classes, and more.

How to Sign up / Sign in for Classes at Liberty Yoga through the Wellness Living App and Liberty Yoga Website:


Watch these quick videos:

  • If you are NEW to Liberty Yoga and creating an account for the first time:

You must sign up here on the Liberty Yoga website, not the app. Watch this video to see how to create your account. CLICK HERE to view Video

  • If you are signing in to book classes after creating your account:

Sign in on the Liberty Yoga website. CLICK HERE to view video  


Note about the Wellness Living Achieve App:

  • You may sign in using your email, facebook or AppleID

  • When you open the app and sign in it may take you to a different studio. If so, click the top right corner to switch to/ sign in to Liberty Yoga

Detailed instructions for Signing up with the App for the first time:

  • Open App. On the Sign in page, enter your first name, last name, and email.

  • Click Sign up. A registration confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

  • From your email inbox, open the activation email from WellnessLiving.


  • On the Create My Account page, enter your information in the required fields and review the terms and conditions. {Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.}

  • Under SIGNATURE REQUIRED, provide your digital signature with the mouse or by dragging your finger when using a touch screen.

  • Select the I agree to use Electronic Signatures

  • Click Create an account. Your account will be created, and you will be signed in.

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