Private Yoga
   with Erin Sweeney Detwiler 
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  •  Personalize issues with your body/practice

  •  Prevent Injury from further occurring

  •  Proper Alignment review and techniques

  •  Set specific goals and plans that you can reach as a team

  •  Create and Set your own schedule

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I am Erin and I am specially trained in therapeutics, MELT Method Self acupressure techniques, TRX suspension techniques and Iyengar style yoga. I work with individuals who are looking for help with specific issues (ex. Shoulder Injury, scoliosis, stress management, anxiety, chronic pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, spinal kyphosis, cancer diagnosis, and many others)

Yoga is a helpful treatment to accompany western medical care. I will provide “homework help” with photos, videos, and descriptions of exercises for clients.

Take this Journey with me in discovering your full potential! I truly believe that yoga can make a difference in your life. It will help you to become stronger, healthier and happier!

Thank you for finding out more about private yoga classes at Liberty Yoga and about me! See my schedule online or email me.