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FLY! Vinyasa ® , Flow & Beginner

   FLY! Vinyasa® is Christine’s signature Vinyasa flow sequence, utilizing the anatomical principles of  Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. (Founder-Sadie Nardini)

   This fun, uplifting, informative and creative class will elevate and empower students of all levels to do yoga more effectively, more powerfully and more safely! We are the first Studio in Delaware to offer Core Strength Vinyasa Style Yoga! – Called FLY! Vinyasa® Come try a class and see the difference FLY! Vinyasa® can bring to your Yoga Practice!

   Morning / Evening Flow classes are centered around the Sun Salutation with postures that flow one breath , one movement.  

   Beginner classes offer the basics of yoga postures, and principles. Learn alignment and balance postures. The Beginner class is based on vinyasa flow style and teach the Sun Salutation. 

   All vinyasa flow classes create stability, strength, balance and flexibility of mind, body and spirit.


See YouTube Video Below of a FLY! Vinyasa "Wave"

   Find your personal strengths as you move through a sequence of postures designed to improve your body alignment and stability which will lead to a total body transformation.

  Move more from the inner body to discover precise alignment, core strength, balance and lift as every posture becomes more available. FLY! Vinyasa® will help you to flow smoothly from stable foundation to core center to full expression in the safest possible way with lots of elements of freedom and fun too!


Christine – Founder of FLY! Vinyasa and Sadie Nardini – Founder of  Core Strength Vinyasa

   All classes are designed to serve each student no matter where you are on your journey with modifications and alignment adjustments. Over time you will refine your practice and see improvements you may never have thought were possible.

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