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TRX Yoga

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   TRX uses suspension straps which harness your body weight and gravity to build coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, core strength and joint stability.

Join this fun and Uplifting class that combines TRX and Yoga for a fitness extravaganza experience! Get lost in the laughter, dance music and community all while gaining core strength and overall tone and balance. It's a great workout!  

People are talking about TRX Yoga! Here's what they are saying...

"TRX Yoga has helped my post menopausal body stay strong! It's so much fun!" ~ Mary

"TRX Yoga has helped me with my flexibility and also got me off of my blood pressure medication." ~Tricia

"I was a little nervous about trying TRX Yoga but am glad that I did. It's a great workout and Christine makes it enjoyable." ~Amy

"TRX Yoga has helped me strengthen my body and with my mental health so I can have a positive attitude in life." ~Jaenique

"TRX Yoga is a quick and fun way to combine strength training, cardio and yoga making it the ideal fitness option for my busy schedule!" ~Joe

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