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Not Sure which class to take? Read the "Is this class for me" under each class description

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FLY! and Flow
and Beginner

  Morning and Evening Flow are vinyasa classes with a focus on strength, flexibility and balance utilizing one breath  and one movement at a time. FLY! Vinyasa is Christine’s signature flow sequence, powered by the principles of Core Strength Vinyasa. (Founder-Sadie Nardini)

Beginner yoga is based on flow and the sun salutation. 

Is this Class for me?? These classes are for you if you are able to easily flow from one posture to another and get up and down off of the floor. Morning Flow is accessible to all. FLY! Vinyasa is a bit more movement and energy and includes adventure poses (crow, forearm stands, special balances etc.) To learn the basic foundational yoga principles and alignment come to the Beginner class. This class is accessible to all (must be able to get up and down off of the floor). See improvements when you attend consistently.

Therapeutic Yoga

  Therapeutic Yoga is stationary poses using props, with a focus on proper alignment. Class is designed to reduce stiffness and heal injuries. Increase your strength and flexibility and improve your posture. This class is great for beginners and  appropriate for all levels.

Is this Class for me? This class is for you if you would like to refine your posture and work on blance, alignment, and movement. Class focuses on range of motion and functional movements and uses props like a chair, bolster, blankets, straps, and the wall for support. Class is suited to all levels especially beginners and seniors. Improve strength, ROM and balance. See improvements when you attend consistently.

Yoga for Emotional Support

   YES classes guide you to find harmony  in life and in all relationships especially the one with yourself. Experience gentle and restorative yoga, energy  exercises, sound therapy, meditation and proven techniques for befriending yourself. Focus on self care to release daily stresses or emotional situations

Is this Class for me? This class is for you if you experience emotions! It assists you in your life by offering tools to manage any situations that arise and offers ways to navigate them. Through yoga practices you are guided to release stress or any stressful situations that can cause you to feel off balance physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. See changes when you attend consistently.

TRX  Yoga
Yoga Fusion

  TRX uses suspension straps which use your own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility,   core and joint stability. Assists w/ proprioception.


Yoga Fusion Combines pilates and Yoga based movements with weights to build strength and overall stamina for a well balanced body-mind-spirit

Is this Class for me? TRX Yoga and Yoga Fusion are great for those individuals looking to increase strength. As we age we MUST include strength training (weights or resistance) into our exercise routine. Adjust the weight / resistance to your level. See improvements when you attend consistently!

We are open for in studio and zoom classes!

Please join us in the studio!  
Liberty Plaza / Possum Park Mall. 700 Capitol Trail, Newark, DE 19711

Home: Classes

Liberty Yoga Team

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Businesses we love and support:

We sell these wonderful meditation cushions at Liberty Yoga. $60 each

Rita's business is in Liberty Plaza right near Liberty Yoga

This shop in Middletown, DE  offers teas, candles, incense, tarot card readings and events

Lakeeya and Walter are owners of OTOTM- One Trip Over the Moon. These talented and compassionate therapists offer a safe environment and  opportunity to heal and transform

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